Reflections of a Lightworker and Channeler
Dialogues through channeled writings . . .

Musings and inquiries responded to by my guides, my Higher Self,
beings of light from the higher dimensions of All-That-Is.

Potential is Becoming Manifest

Sweet Spirit, as always I am wondering about my path. I have left the path that I had been exploring for the past year. What message do you have for me this day?

This new moon has arisen into view bringing with it a desire to carry forward into this life experience with a new projection and device for conjuring your desires. The impetus is strong within you. You feel it as a strategy unfolding into clarity. You feel blinded though. There seems to be an inherent cohesion that is felt just beyond your knowing and perception of how and what will unfold. Yet you remain steadfast in your receiving and intentional focus on such creation of your life.

The outmoded pieces of your life have been stripped away, consciously, purposefully, and even unconsciously as you move through your life. You have been stripped bare of unwanted and even unnecessary, or dare we say, detrimental pieces, energies that have held you captive with their enticements and potential promises of fulfillment of your dreams and desires.

You have been engrossed in these experiences that have not come to fruition.  Yet fear not–you are now engaged in a new form of potential unfoldment of self into Self. This you understand correctly as your enlightenment of self. There is more to come, more to unfold naturally.

Potential is becoming manifest. Your life is unfolding as desired, with even a few surprises along the way. For what would life be without the surprises but a dull thing, indeed. You are not open to dullness. You are open to adventure, newness, excitement from new experiences. Which is what frustrates you to have to wait for Divine timing.

But all is well and good right where you are. Allow it to unfold easily, magically, divinely. For you will be the most satisfied with the outcome in this way of allowing for the miracles of timing.

We are by your side, ever and always guiding, encouraging and fostering strength within you to carry on in the love that you are, bringing this love forward intentionally to guide your way, to guide your actions, your decisions and choices.


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