Inner World Gleanings from the External World

I am beginning to believe, based on my internal focus and the way my mind analyzes and thinks, that one of the main explorations for which I have come into this life is relationships, one human to another, whether a brief meeting or long term.

A lot can be ascertained about oneself and others through the interaction of relationship.  One does not need a lifetime with one person to understand his or herself or that one person with whom they spend much of their time interacting.  Much can be understood about people in general from a simple, short exchange of a sentence or two if one is able to go to the underlying meaning and intention behind the statement.

How does one do that?  I am not sure I could teach or inform another how it is done, how I do it.  I seem to come by it naturally and it is most likely a skill I have honed over my many incarnations into physical form in relation to others in physical form with whom I have interacted.

This skill of which I speak is an ability to instantly know through a flash of analysis, of putting together what I hear and feel and observe, what beliefs one holds about her or himself and their world in relation to them.  This analysis is instantaneous, and the resulting conclusion comes to me just that quickly. 

My ability is the reason that I cannot be manipulated.  I understand myself in relation to another, from the larger picture of the commonality of being human to the subtle differences of who we are that is distinct one from the other, such as our beliefs about life or about fear that we hold or do not hold.  These beliefs make up the essence of who we are in each moment.

I am also able to know how prominently the ego plays a role in one’s life through their reactions and their responses to life’s situations. 

It turns out that all along throughout my life I have been making a study of human interaction through a constant observation and interest in and fascination of the subject, but subconsciously so, until now.

In returning to my memories, I can see that I have had numerous brief encounters with others, many with whom I felt out of place, yet I allowed myself to be there with them in those situations and I explored each, analyzed each as I experienced them.  I was not afraid to be with any person where most others would have been.

I am fascinated by people and interested in their stories, and always have been, but that is not to say that there aren’t people that once having become acquainted I was not ready to escape from, interesting or not. 


The most important thing for me about experiencing the external world is what I can glean from it about the internal world.


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