Excerpt from On Being the Spark


The Frequency of Love


  Life is filled with opportunities to make choices from love instead of from fear--love of self most importantly and firstly, and then love of others--the choices that you make out of love for yourself and then how you love others in the way that you choose to treat them or respond to them, even when they are being a version of their worst self.  When you communicate from love, whether the words are in your head or spoken, your only desire in the moment is that love be expressed and felt in order to bring about the highest outcome for all.

  Anger brings out your worst self that does not allow your words and actions to come from a place of love.  Transmute the anger by recognizing it, feeling it, and then go within yourself to determine the true, core, deepest reason for your anger, preferably before you speak.  Once you know what the core reason is, you will be able to think through logically, without emotion, and realize what you think about yourself, those misperceptions about yourself, or the fears that you believe in that have caused you to be angry.  Then, from that new realization, you know a new truth that will automatically shift your emotions from anger to a more heart-based feeling.

  the only real truth about yourself is that you are love, because you are a Spark of All-That-Is, and any other belief that you hold that is counter to that truth is false and, therefore, can be changed when you decide that that belief does not serve you and is no longer what you want to believe is true.  This is how you change your beliefs--by seeing and understanding the falseness of what you thought to be true about yourself and/or your perception of life.

  Once you change your thoughts, your emotions automaitically change to coincide with them.  Essentially your new, higher thoughts are enabling you to feel new, higher emotions, which coincides with an opening of your heart, allowing you to be the love/light that you are as a soul.  Your anger will disappear because you now know rationally a deeper truth about a situation that is beyond your ego, that is outside of that small "I" self, because it encompasses the expanded view from a higher perspective, which is that of your larger soul self.


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